Bacon + Ranch Zoodle Salad

I was so in the mood to make Russian Beet Salad and, with the crazy 57 mph winds from yesterday’s afternoon thunderstorms; I just let Marylex take the car and called it a day for myself. I was supposed to go to Walmart and buy the ingredients for my salad to make a nice side for lunch. That all being said, I put the Russian Beet Salad
on the backburner, hypothetically speaking here.

In order to substitute for the delicious cold, veggie salad I was craving, I chose to create a brand new one for the sake of spontaneity. It was drop dead delicious! I have never heard anyone say that before but it sure sounded cool.

I love to be creative in the kitchen! Every time we pray over our meals, we thank Him for sending us the creativity to be spontaneous and magnificent in the kitchen. It has been nothing but a blessing to have God open our minds to health and fitness on another level while loving what we are doing in the kitchen. Yes, a few blog posts ago I mentioned how sometimes I don’t even want to go in the kitchen, but; how could anyone possibly want to cook as much as I do on a daily basis and not get tired? Impossible not to! I think it’s totally normal to want a break sometimes; yet, always remembering to thank God for every little thing He gives us as it gets us going towards the future. And, that’s the way the cookie
bacon crumbles. See what I did there? Smile. xo



3 slices turkey bacon, diced

1 zucchini, spiralized

¼ red onion, spiralized

2 tbsp ranch dressing

1 tbsp Cholula hot sauce



  1. Dice bacon
  2. In a pan with no oil, cook until browned
  3. Spiralize zucchini
  4. Spiralize onion
  5. In a bowl, mix together veggies and sauce
  6. Top with bacon
  7. Give it another whirl
  8. Serve





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