My name is Estefania Sarraff. I go by Nia for short  but most that follow my recipes on Instagram know me as chefNia*. The idea to share my life in the kitchen and my progress in getting healthy all came about when I made a drastic life changing decision to give my life to God and allow Him to be in control of all that I do.

In August of 2012, weighing in almost toppling over at 300 lbs, I could barely even move in the space around me. This was the biggest I had ever been and, suddenly, having had this spiritual awakening–I wanted to change. I wanted to get healthy and fit. Recovery for my compulsive overeating and mentally developed eating disorders seemed like the only way out of this hole that I dug myself into.

Jesus saw me through as I worked my twelve steps in a recovery program. I decided to abstain from eating sugar and flour as a way to not only lose the weight but keep it off and be healthy–long term.

As of August 13, 2012, I have followed through with the program and have lost over 70 pounds. I’m at the BEST health of my life and I’m not stopping till I get even more fit.

Through my ability to find fun and spirit in getting healthy, I was able to meet amazing people that I can share my journey with and, in return, experience much joy in doing so.


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