Turkey + Salsa Scramble


Here we are at day 3 and just by looking in the mirror, I know change is happening! I just have to remember to trust God and never give up. This road is challenging. Weight loss and body transformation is tough. Recovering my mind is intense. And, letting myself trust the process is a struggle. But, every day I gotta push it. I haven’t been pushing. I have been wandering through. I am done with that. Maybe I won’t ever be 300 lbs again because God is good and I won’t let myself go back there. Nonetheless, I gotta do my part. If I want to get to where my body has to be to be at utmost fitness and pristine health, I have to love me and not give up on this long, crazy journey. Hold on cause the waves are a comin’!


This little breakie was so simple and scrumptious. I feel like I am really coming out of my shell this week. I know I always explore new things but I never feel this good, at least since the move, and I never just get up feeling energized. I needed this fat blast more than I thought I did. God is so good to me and He is seeing me through my changes. Getting out of the weight bracket I am in right now, has been a struggle since I got into it. I cannot get comfortable. I have to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. xo



1 tbsp coconut oil

6 slices Applegate Farms turkey breast

2 tbsp salsa

1 ½ cups liquid egg whites



  1. Melt oil on a pan at medium-high heat
  2. Cut up turkey breast into little pieces
  3. Cook bacon until browned
  4. Add eggs, scramble
  5. Add salsa
  6. Serve




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