Bittersweet Tilapia Salad

I killed my workout today and, boy, am I feeling it!? I even went onto Natalie Jill’s fitness YouTube and practiced some new core body weight training videos and tried them out. Did about 15 minutes of that after my Yoga Meltdown and nearly died. LOL. What doesn’t kill me is going to make me stronger and that, my friends, is a fact!

This salad was great recovery from my intense workout today as well as from all week. Really nice and easy on my gut, while cleansing me with the right nutrients my body needs.

Heads up! xo



2 (5 oz) tilapia filets, cubed

¼ cup mango chipotle dressing

½ onion, spiralized

2 cups spinach



  1. Cube tilapia
  2. On a pan with low heat, mix the tilapia and ½ the dressing allotted for the recipe
  3. Spiralize onion
  4. In a Tupperware bowl, add spinach, onion, and remainder of dressing
  5. When tilapia is slightly caramelized, toss into the bowl
  6. Seal with lid
  7. Shake until evenly distributed
  8. Serve in two nice bowls



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