Gourmet Tuna Salad


I loved this lunch! I felt like a queen while eating something simple, inexpensive, and so easy to create. Life is simple sometimes, at least on days like this. Enjoying the simplicity of the outdoors while having a good home cooked and healthy meal, I love days like these.

I did switch it up a bit for this, in fact. The remaining avocados we have are not ripe just yet so I made a substitution with a yummy tomato. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! xo



2 (4 oz) cans of tuna, drained

2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt

½ onion, spiralized

8 asparagus spears

1 yellow/orange tomato



  1. In a Tupperware bowl, add tuna and yogurt
  2. Spiralize onion
  3. Add onion to bowl and mix
  4. Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes
  5. Bake asparagus spears for 10 minutes
  6. Slice tomato horizontally
  7. Serve



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