Prep: Lemon Water Jars

lemon water prep

I meant to share this last Sunday but kept forgetting! Thank God, I finally remembered to share with you all. This is easy to make and nice to have on hand for on the go. Lemon water is SO good for you. I always rant and rave about the benefits of this so I thought I would repost those and share my new lemon water prep ideas. Good night, y’all!


7 lemons
14 mason jars


lemon squeezer
mason jar(s)


  1. Cut lemons in half
  2. Squeeze half into each mason jar
  3. Cover with water to the brim
  4. Seal and place in fridge
  5. Do this until you run out of mason jars to fill or lemons to squeeze

The benefits are as follows:
– aids digestion
– cleanses body
– boosts immune system
– balances pH levels
– clears skin
– energizes you
– enhances mood
– promotes healing
– freshens breath
– hydrates lymph system
– assists weight loss

* I don’t personally add any of these but many do like to do so.

Cayenne Pepper:
– anti-irritant
– anti-cancer
– anti-fungal
– anti-allergen
– anti-bacterial
– anti-inflammatory
– fights against cold
– contains anti-flu agent
– migraine relief
– headache prevention
– digestive aid
– helps produce saliva
– useful for blood clots
– detox support
– joint pain reliever
– improves heart health
– remedy for toothache
– topical analgesic properties
– supports weight loss
– promotes overall good health

– regulates blood sugar
– reduces LDL cholesterol levels
– effective against ulcer causing bacteria
– alleviates arthritis pain
– diminish proliferation of cancer cells
– natural food preservative
– high in fiber, calcium, iron, manganese
– decrease in menstrual pain
– assistance for infertility
– prevents neurodegenerative diseases
– works well in sweet as well as savory dishes



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