Honey Chia Brie

honey chia brie

Before I begin, forgive the chipped polish. I’m lazy. Moving right along now.

I have a serious sweet tooth, I really do. Yes, I know all the wonderful things I can create with wholesome and healthy ingredients, but; sometimes, I just want something quick that will fill that little sweet craving without too many calories, screwing up my macros for the day, and all the hard work put into healthy desserts. For a long time, I have stayed away from dairy products but I have incorporated some things back into my diet. After my decision to change my eating lifestyle and change for a better, healthier me, I realized I was lactose-intolerant and, that being said, my body tolerated absolutely no lactose or dairy product. Slowly, I have brought things back in like parmesan cheese (has to be fresh) and lactose free milk. I also sometimes purchase cheese. I am a cheese lover but that can really hurt my gut so I tend to abstain from it unless I am traveling and I don’t want to be extremely picky; although that tends to backfire in the end.

Anyhow, mozzarella and brie cheese have been two of the dairy products that don’t really hurt me too badly when eaten in small, monitored portions. To kill both my cheese and sweet tooth in one bite, I created a heavenly snack made for the faint at heart. Or for anyone for that matter. You don’t have to make the whole thing if it’s just you who wants a piece. This can even be a good little treat to bring to a party as a cute tray of hors d’oeuvres.

Who doesn’t love sweets and cheese? If you don’t, just go away and give me a moment as I need to try and wrap my head around that for a second. While I try to understand you and your nonsense, I will share this with those who do get me. Wink.


Brie cheese

Raw honey

Chia seeds



  1. Slice your brie like a pie
  2. Put about a ¼ tsp of honey on each mini slice of brie
  3. Top all the slices with chia seeds for a protein + omega fatty acids kick
  4. Enjoy!





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