Taste of the Tropics

taste of the tropics 1

As a Miami girl, I like tropical flavors especially when it comes to smoothies. I always used to shop primarily at BJ’s Wholesale Club and then throughout the month pick up a few things at our local Winn-Dixie and Whole Foods. Later, we added Trader Joe’s to the list but people sure crowd the place. Now that we moved, Walmart is right next door and it’s our go to market. We go periodically and get a ton of healthy stuff. Sometimes we stop by other markets but tend to mainly go into Walmart. It’s less than a mile away so what can I say? They have the BEST bags of frozen fruit and it is SO economical. My latest flavors to use are the tropical ones. It gives me a taste of Miami without the drama. I buy a large bag of frozen mixed tropical fruit biweekly and use it in my daily smoothies. With such a wonderful mix of fruit, on my low carb days I don’t feel the urge to add a banana into the smoothie. I save the bananas for high carb days. Before I get into the recipe, I’ll tell you what is in the bag of deliciousness: papaya, pineapple, strawberry, and mango. What a great balance of different fruits full of water, antioxidants, and all sorts of vitamins/minerals! Hope you enjoy; I sure will.



1 cup spinach (bought fresh + later frozen)

1 cup water

½ cup frozen mixed tropical fruit



1 tbsp agave nectar or pure maple syrup



  1. Add your spinach and water to your blender
  2. If agave or maple is desired, add before proceeding
  3. Blend on high

* I tend to blend the greens with liquid first because you will drink your smoothie rather than chew through it.

  1. Once it’s creamy, add the fruit and blend on high
  2. Serve in a to go bottle or a mason jar




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