Huevo Frito con Arroz Integral


So I am almost positive that half of my readers are wondering, “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?” Remember, I am a native Spanish speaker so I have to throw my two Cuban cents in sometimes, LOL. Anywho…this meal is one that is common for many of the Hispanic cultures when there is nothing to eat OR if we want a quick meal. Ultimately, it is absolutely delicious and in our house we love to have this when possible. Of course for my Hispanic readers, you are probably wondering why it says “arroz intergral” vs the typical “arroz blanco” in this dish. The translation of this is “Fried Eggs with Brown Rice”. Typically, white rice is used along with a ton of salt and whatnot. To make changes to the dish, Marylex and I always eat this with brown rice and our reduced sugar ketchup. Most people don’t have it with ketchup, but; being the ketchup lover that I am, I put it on everything I can put it on, more specifically on my eggs.

During the move to Orlando, we ate this often because storing brown rice or even quinoa is so easy and making fried eggs (we like them over easy) is even easier. Pun intended. I know that most of my meals are some sort of mix of concoctions that aren’t typically Hispanic, but we still eat many meals that are fully cultural for us and I just tend to not post them because the food disappears before pictures could be taken. Also, I don’t measure the ingredients for those types of dishes and neither does she. How can we? It’s in our blood and nature to just throw in a ton of stuff our grandmother’s once told us to put and just go with the flow.

One day my grandmother, better known as Nana, and I will finally sit down to have her read me off her composition notebooks full of recipes written in chicken scratch so that I can type them up to later translate for the world to see. Her recipes are so phenomenal. She’s the one that taught me to cook in the first place. I mean, my mom did too but my grandmother taught me the complex stuff while my mom and I had tons of fun getting messy in the kitchen. I told Nana that one day we’ll publish her book and it will be a hit. She doesn’t believe me but it’s true. I will cross that bridge when we get there.


4 large eggs

1 cup brown rice, cooked

2 tbsp reduced sugar ketchup



  1. Fry eggs 2 at a time
  2. Get out two bowls
  3. Serve ½ cup of brown rice in each
  4. Serve the eggs in each bowl
  5. Top the eggs with a tbsp of ketchup each
  6. Voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy



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