Sweet Potato a la Vodka


I have failed with many attempts to find the right theme for my blog. All the free ones suck and all the premium ones are popular, meaning I wouldn’t be the only one with that theme. I hate being synonymous with other pages. I want to be unique from all other blogs as I am not like anyone else in particular. I’m random and spontaneous and I want my blog to give off that vibe but my themes never do me justice.

I am going to try out this new theme for now. It doesn’t let me use my chefNia logo but that’s okay because I don’t really like the logo I made anyway. I’m into graphic design and have been since I was little. I made this logo myself as I did with the one on http://www.sunriseinterpreting.com. I use my own style and give my business some personality, but, with chefNia, I have failed at doing so time and time again. We will see what will come of my frustrations with picking a theme. Maybe I’ll just create my own theme.

This is such a comfort dish, really. It makes me so happy thinking of it. It’s simple, tasty, and comforting. I love comfort food because it makes me feel like I’m curled up on the couch in my favorite sock slippers and my favorite nightgown watching my favorite Disney movie with my loved ones, except when I am eating comfort food I’m usually not doing any of that but whatever. This is just me revealed on another level. xo

2 small sweet potatoes, spiralized Blade C
olive oil
¼ cup sun-dried tomatoes in oil
½ cup vodka sauce
parmesan cheese

1. cut the ends of your potato + discard of them
2. if too large to fit the Spiralizer, cut in half
3. peel the skin off of your potato
4. prepare your Spiralizer + start making noodles
5. cut your noodles with a kitchen scissor to make them a nice length
6. in a large pan drizzled with olive oil, add your noodles, tomatoes + sauce
7. toss a bit with tongs before removing from heat
8. serve in two bowls
9. top with fresh parm





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