Over Easy Dish


Through the move, we ate fairly simply due to cutting down on the complicated meals I usually decide to dive nose first into. There are a few complex meals I took pictures of and never wrote down the recipe. Should I remember, I will post them with their corresponding recipe. Should I not, I will write a post about my thoughts, feelings, and craziness using those as the pictures. I prefer the first one because that means I can make it again and share it with the world. God knows.

I made this meal often because it was so easy and I had run out of my special ketchup. Miami pulled a stinker on me and had sold out in most stores. I typically eat my over easy eggs with ketchup, my special no sugar Heinz ketchup that is. Fortunately, City Beautiful has plenty in their stores leaving me happy and content putting ketchup on everything as it always should be.

This meal, regardless of the lack of tomatoey goodness that ketchup is, can be rather scrumptious and can hit the spot or many spots depending on how intense your day has been or will be. I chose to have this for dinner many nights during the move. And, pop up frozen herb cubes are my new favorite. They are sold at Walmart and they have a million flavors. Okay, not a million but five.

I might make myself this for dinner tonight but I won’t be having it sans ketchup as I have a ton at home just how I like it. Oh, and with spiralized onions. I swear the relaxation levels here in my home are at their peak throughout the day. I would never have felt as serene as I do in City Beautiful. I leave my sliding glass door open most days as my balcony is screened in. I get to enjoy the sounds of nature and people playing tennis or basketball. I feel the breeze of the lake just whispering on by as the ducks jump in for a swim. And, have a chance to see all the neighborhood pets and other passerbys (sp?).

1 green pepper, sliced
1/2 red onion, sliced
1 tbsp olive oil
pop up cilantro cube
Bill Bragg’s amino acid
6 large eggs
1 avocado

1. slice veggies
2. in a pan, throw in veggies, oil + cilantro cube
3. before removing from heat, spray a bit of aminos
4. serve
5. using the same pan, add in all eggs without breaking the yolk
6. once the whites start to cook through, quickly flip (do this carefully)
7. simmer for a few minutes
8. serve
9. cut avo in half, remove seed + skin
10. serve
11. finally, you can enjoy!




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