Honey + Dijon Wafflewich


Clearly, as I stressed in my last post, I am very behind on updating the blog with recipes I have been creating for some time coming. Also, I am struggling to find the right place in my house to take food pictures. Although nobody talks about it, food photography runs the show when it comes to food blogging. Nobody cares for a blog with bad pictures. Let’s be honest around here.

I have lots of recipes I want to post including the one for today. A while back, I made a delicious honey mustard potato salad that rocked my world. I had a hard time figuring what to do with the last couple of spoonfuls that were left because I happened to be in the mood for a sandwich that morning. What can I say? I am a wafflewich girl. And, as I do with most of my leftovers, I put it in between two toasty and crispy gluten free waffles. By now, you would think I am Van’s spokeswoman or something! Hah, who doesn’t love a wafflewich? All the people who aren’t following me yet! That’s who.

Any who… LOL I crack myself up. As I sit here sipping on my delectable iced coffee, I will be making several posts with crazy stories unrelated to the food being mentioned at hand. Was that even English? That is the fun about blogging. I am the grammar police but nobody can come on here and start acting like grammar police. Gotta love the blogging world!

4 of Van’s gluten free frozen waffles
2/3 cup liquid egg whites
leftover “Honey + Dijon Potato Salad”
1/4 red onion, sliced
Bill Bragg’s amino acids
drizzle of olive oil

1. toast waffles for a few minutes
2. serve on a plate
3. slice onions
4. drizzle olive oil on a pan
5. scramble all ingredients together on medium heat
6. serve your eggs evenly for two on a waffle
7. cover with other waffle like a sandwich
8. devour!





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