Maple Raspberry Iced Coffee


I’M BACK! And, you’re probably wondering where I went anyway. I took a hiatus from Instagram (still haven’t logged back in but will do so very soon) and never planned on doing the same for the blog. Long story short, life happens. I was supposed to make an announcement on the blog’s one year anniversary last month but never had a chance.

Happy anniversary to the chefNia blog! 🙂 Yes, I’m a nerd. Moving on…

I made a huge decision to move from Miami, Florida (my hometown) to Orlando, Florida. Known as “The City Beautiful” and it truly is. Although moving is tedious and stressful, it was smooth and successful. I needed a break between that time in order to get it together and do our move in an organized manner. We definitely found that all the planning, prepping, and hard work was worth it. I’ll be posting a ton of moving tips here once I get more settled but for now I’ll be catching up on the recipes I’ve come up with and haven’t posted.

So, why did I move? You may or may not be wondering. Well, my interpreting agency Sunrise Interpreting Services has expanded enough to open up in Orlando and I find that moving there for optimal operation and success would be the best business decision I could make for my family and my agency.

I’m in Miami now for a week of work so clearly I’m going to come back at times just as I’ve always traveled throughout the country for business. My family was hurt and thought it wouldn’t be best but God has shown me to trust Him against all odds and beyond my wildest He comes through. I needed this! For me, personally and professionally. This is, also, somewhat spiritual for me. A new start. Fresh beginning. The enchantment of new successes due to the risk I’ve taken to be a better me and better myself all around not only as an interpreter or president of Sunrise, but; I want to become a better me, an improved and more refined Estefania.

Now that I’ve got that all off my chest, I’ll be finally typing up this great coffee recipe I came up with to take with me in my mason jar or sit around and drink at home. This was something I came up with through the move and have added a few kicks to it over time and it’s ready to be shared with all you beautiful, precious followers of mine! Read below, xo.

1 tbsp instant coffee of choice
1/8 tsp raspberry extract
1 tbsp maple syrup
pinch of stevia, to taste
6 oz filtered water
6 oz unsweetened almond milk
ice cubes

1. in a pint mason jar, add coffee, water, extract, and sweeteners
2. close jar and shake
3. open jar and add ice cubes
4. fill up the jar with almond milk to just a bit before the rim
5. top and shake one more time
6. kick back and enjoy!






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