Sweet Chicken Alfredo


My business meetings went phenomenal. I cannot discuss anything out on social media or here just yet but huge things are brewing. Fearless Foods is coming along and Sunrise Interpreting Services is booming. Once decisions are made final for what’s to come, I will release it. Trust me, I want nothing more than to be the bearer of good news to all you folks. Only people in on my secret are my closest relatives.

For now, I am taking a SERIOUS hiatus from Instagram because it’s taking up a lot of my time. I realize that making a notice of it on there would have been nice but I needed to just delete the app and move on temporarily. Sorry guys. For now, I will still be blogging mainly. xo

2 small sweet potatoes, spiralized Blade C
1 white onion, spiralized Blade C
1 can chicken breast
1/2 cup garlic alfredo sauce
1 tbsp sun-dried tomatoes in oil
1 tbsp Grill Mates steakhouse onion burger seasoning

Parmesan cheese

1. watch this video –> How to Spiralize: Sweet Potato
2. now that you’ve watched that very informative video by the beautiful @Inspiralized, we can get to making noodles with your Spiralizer
3. chop up veggies, set aside
4. cut the ends of your potato + discard of them
5. if too large to fit the Spiralizer, cut in half
6. peel the skin off of your potato
7. prepare your Spiralizer + start making noodles or poodles (potato noodles) better said!
8. cut your noodles with a kitchen scissor to make them a nice length
9. cut ends of onion + peel
10. spiralize
11. grab a handful + set aside for your sauce
12. put away the rest in a Tupperware for future use
13. in a large pan drizzled with olive oil, add chicken, veggies + 1/4 cup of sauce
14. add in noodles, cooking until wilted
15. add the remaining sauce
16. toss a bit with tongs before removing from heat
17. serve in two bowls
18. if desired, top with Parmesan cheese


Spiralized onions.


The dish!!




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