Hello Kitty PB Cups


I know it took me a while to post this but it was welllllll worth the wait. Sorry for not having done this much earlier but I needed to sit and look for the link I ordered the Hello Kitty silicone molds from first before posting this up. The recipe is flexible. You don’t have to use the Hello Kitty molds; although, this makes them sooooo much funner! Also, any nut butter can be used. I personally used peanut butter. Nice, creamy, delicious goodness.

Anyway…back to the recipe. I am already drooling and I don’t have any to snack on right now. I looooove dark chocolate! The darker, the better. I know others would disagree; therefore, the percentage of dark chocolate solely depends on the taste buds of the chef. Get creative and, then, share this with others because you would want them to share this with you!


1 bar 85% dark chocolate
creamy nut butter (no sugar added)

1-2 tbsp raw agave nectar

Hello Kitty silicone molds — found here

1. break up the half the bar of chocolate into chunks + place in a small glass prep bowl
2. microwave for 30-45 seconds
3. pour in about a tsp into each kitty cube
4. freeze for 5 minutes
5. remove from freezer
6. add about a tsp of nut butter into each kitty cube
7. freeze for 10 minutes
8. remove from freezer
9. repeat steps 1-5
10. remove from molds
11. place in a tupperware to store in the fridge for snacks
12. enjoy this decadent Hello Kitty beauty!






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