DIY Downy Burnables


This is the DIY project of a lifetime. Inexpensive. Easy. Foolproof. I read about this type of project a long time ago but I don’t know what products were used and/or if it was successful.

I always buy Downy Unstopables Scent Booster. I’ve done so since they came out. I always loved “lavender vanilla” everything for my laundry. Detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and, of course, my Unstopables, Lush scent.

Naturally, I got tired of the smell after about 5 years of my “lavender vanilla” obsession. I mourned it and moved on. By this time, I had transitioned to free and clear detergent for no harmful substances but was looking for a good smell to add to my laundry with Unstopables. To my surprise, a new scent had come out called Shimmer. It was pink, sweet, and cute so I bought it!

Months after using this wonderful product, I thought of something new. I was tired of all the burning oils I had from White Barn & Candle Co. I wanted something different but easy. Alas, Unstopables to the rescue. I put some in my oil diffuser and BOOM! House smelling fresh and clean within seconds. Follow the DIY instructions below for your own easy diffusing at home.

P.S. I’m anal retentive so I removed the label off of the Downy Unstopables bottle. There are several scents of Unstopables. Find them here. xo

oil diffuser
tea light candle(s)
Downy Unstopables, shimmer

1. clean the top of your oil diffuser of all excess oils from previous burning of oils
2. add a tbsp of Unstopables to your oil diffuser as you would with wax melts
3. light tea light
4. place in candle
5. once the Unstopables have melted + the fragrance throw has filled the home, turn it off

The Unstopables will harden and can be continuously reused until dissipated. The fragrance throw still spreads wonderfully after a dozen uses of that first tbsp!!

Enjoy, xo








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