Island Breeze Smoothie


I stand by bee products 100% and I love using the stuff in my smoothies. This smoothie got me feeling a lot better from my cold. With the fresh citrus to open up my nasal cavity + the sweetness of the honey to heal me from the inside out. I’m feeling better thinking about laying out in the tropics of theBahamas. I’ll be there in three weeks and I won’t have to dream anymore. Woooohoooo!

2 handfuls spinach, frozen
2 bananas, frozen
1/2 cup grapefruit juice
1/3 cup liquid egg whites
juice of a lemon
2 scoops hemp protein powder
2 tbsp Earth Balance: coconut + peanut spread
3 tbsp local raw honey
2 tsp local bee pollen


1. blend liquids with greens
2. add banana + remaining ingredients
3. blend!!!
4. serve in beautiful mason jars
5. top with bee pollen
6. drink up






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