Shine Bright


Breakfast for day 3 of “The 5 Day Detox” was the perfect blend that I needed to feel refreshed and rejuvenated! I wanted to shine bright with some green juice and this certainly did the trick. When you’re in a hurry to rush off and rush errands, go to work, make it to a meeting, or anything at all, a green juice in a beautiful mason jar and a paper straw is the way to go! I would make this again and again even as a snack. Yum. Shine bright, my beauties, xo.

4 green apples
1 nub gingeroot
2 stalks broccoli
3 handfuls spinach
1 cara cara orange

1. core your apples
2. cut broccoli stalks
3. peel orange
4. process veggies + fruits through juicer
5. serve in a beautiful glass
6. drink up!!


Picture from when I made some more.



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