Feature Friday: Ice Cream Popsicles


For my second “Feature Friday”, I have Jonna Maria Salo from @healthyisworthit on Instagram. Thank you so much for participating! I loved reading about your story and getting to know you. This lifestyle is worth it, opening SO many doors for longevity in your lives. Love you guys.

My journey to a healthy lifestyle:

I suffered from bulimia which eventually lead to BED. I understood (after a while) that I can’t let food control me.

At first, I tried to avoid unhealthy food and eat normally, but at some point I started to get more and more interested in what I put in my body and on ‘clean’ eating in general. After all, we live our whole lives in one body, so why would we treat it badly?

My Instagram has provided me with motivation and I get inspired everytime someone tells me I’ve helped them. I’m grateful for everyone who has been following me, or are still following me. The journey is so much easier when there are others supporting you.


My personal goal is to get rid of my eating disorder completely and to finally let myself be happy without the need to be perfect.

My other goal is to reach out to people and help as many as I can.
Even though I haven’t talked about my ED on Instagram, I’m still ready to help others who are dealing with them.

I hope to expand my Instagram account, and make it about something more than ‘fitspo’ and oatmeal pictures. I hope that it will inspire others to make a change and make their lives the best possible.

Best for last:

The ‘fitness’ hype has been slowing dying down a bit, but now we can really see who is really doing this for themselves – not just because it’s ‘cool’ to drink green smoothies and go to the gym (even though I think it’s still cool, haha).

There’s a million different variations you can make of this recipe, so feel free to use other ingredients!

1-2 cups of natural yoghurt (I’m going to post a “orange-popsicle recipe”, which you can use as well)
fresh strawberries
fresh blueberries

1-2 tbsp of honey

popsicle molds
cups/an icy pole maker/something freezer proof

1. fill each of the popsicle molds with a little of the yoghurt.
2. add a bit of muesli
2. top it with 1-2 strawberries and a bit of blueberries
4. pour yoghurt over
5. continue with the muesli
6. top with berries and so on until you have layers
7. fill each of the popsicle molds 3/4 full
8. insert sticks
9. put in the freezer for a few hours until they are solid

This recipe is really easy to make, plus it’s a great snack for movie nights, guests, etc. You can choose different ingredients if you don’t like the ones I used.

This is possibly the best snack during the summer, but I live in Finland (it’s dark and cold 7-8 months of the year) and I still make them all the time, so no excuses 😉 I hope you like them!


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