Strawberry Detox Smoothie


Good morning, ladies + gents! This smoothie hit the spot this morning for the first day of “The 5 Day Detox”I was mentally preparing myself for the last few days for this. I knew I was going to be seeing physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual transformation, I always do when I do this detox. It truly makes me a better person. There is something about the appreciation for life that it instills in me. I have a zest for knowledge. There is power in getting to know oneself better through mentally challenging the body to go back to a normal and basic state were it can reach true homeostasis. This is where I want my body to be. I want there to be balance within me. No more acidity than there is alkaline and not more fat than there is muscle. I want my body to be at the happy medium that God is calling it to be at. He is transforming this temple that is His body which is in my care here on Earth. I am going to make right all the bad things I did to this body over tens of years. These last 2 years recovering from addiction and eating disorders hasn’t been easy but I tell you, if you do this one day at a time, it is doable. I want to push it this year to tighten up and be a better me. I want to keep changing but at a an unstoppable pace. I know I can do this with His strength. Through this detox, He is going to show me things about me I didn’t know before. xoxo

1 ½ cup coconut water
large handful frozen spinach
1 scoop hemp protein powder
5 frozen strawberries

1 tsp hemp seeds
1 tsp chia seeds

mason jar

1. thaw out berries for a few minutes while you prep your delicious detoxing smoothie
2. in a blender, blend greens and liquids first
3. add protein powder and strawberries
4. blend until smooth and creamy.
5. top with one or both of the toppings


Deliciousness at its finest.


Pretty empty jar


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