The Perfect Brown Rice


Hello there, all my lovelies!

In all attempt to make the best brown rice the universe has ever seen and tasted, I have wasted countless bags of brown rice. I gave up at some point early last year because it was never just right. Either it was too mushy or too dry, too burnt or too water–never just right.

I have come to save all you unworthy brown rice waters of the world because I was once just like you. Destroying perfectly good, edible foods to create something that seem unmasterable–I thought that wasn’t a word but I guess it is, autocorrect didn’t insist on changing my grammar this time. I have mastered the inexplicable. The PERFECT brown rice was born last night in my kitchen and is groveling on it’s knees, begging for you to go make some.

Go. Read. Drool. Cook. Eat.


olive oil
1 cup long-grain brown rice
pot full of water
Bill Bragg’s amino acids


1. in a medium pot, drizzle olive oil + add water
2. place on the stove allowing water to boil
3. rinse your brown rice under cold water for about a minute, set aside
4. when water is boiling, add your rinsed brown rice
5. boil the rice for 30 minutes
6. drain in the colander
7. bring the heat down to low
8. put the rice back in the same pot
9. add amino acids to your taste
10. fluff rice with fork for about 5 minutes as the water evaporates from it
11. VOILA! you have just made the best + most perfect brown rice in all of history




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