Brownie Bites


I have come to blog bearing recipe gifts that are unheard of, at least to my knowledge.

Brownie freaking Bites !@#$%^&*() — WHAAAAAAT

Okay, now that I am calm I can reminisce. Many moons ago, as I have shared before, I was one of the culprits that supported sugar and gluten. Now that I am no more and have been in recovery well over 2 years for my eating disorders, I have acknowledged that my body is my God’s temple. If I want to respect and love my body how God asks me to in His Word, I had to cut those things out but I, also, had to learn to cook healthy foods–as I never knew what to do without sugar or flour. Once I learned to cook healthy basics, I thought I was invincible in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, I am not invincible in the kitchen. I make tons of mistakes while cooking and baking BUT that’s besides the point.

As a child, who didn’t beg mom to lick the spoon/spatula after making brownies? I still don’t know one soul that hasn’t. If you don’t like chocolate, I don’t like you. Moving right along. That is one of those flavors I longed for but I wanted it to be full of wholesome and nutritious ingredients. THIS my friends is the taste of brownie batter in a full-protein and amino acid filled bite of goodness. I took one bite and was sold. You guys will be, too. Enjoy!!!! xo

P.S. I know you are desperate to make/eat these immediately but DON’T forget the ground cacao nibs they are the glue of it all.



3 tbsp raw cacao nibs

1 (15.5 oz) can black beans

1/4 cup raw agave nectar

3 tbsp coconut butter

2 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 tsp vanilla extract


hemp seeds

cacao nibs

chia seeds


1. process the cacao nibs in the processor until powdery

2. transfer to a small bowl + set aside

3. place all ingredients in the food processor

4. transfer the batter to a small bowl + combine with the cacao nib powder

5. roll the batter into tbsp size balls + place on the parchment paper

6. line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

7.if desired, roll the balls in either of the optional toppings

8. refrigerate for 10-15 minutes

9. eat

10. store in an airtight container



Before I processed all the ingredients together

20140107-005840.jpg The batter before rolling up the bites 20140107-010111.jpg20140107-010245.jpg20140107-010257.jpg20140107-010305.jpg Refrigerating, yay! 20140107-010345.jpg The final product 20140107-010414.jpg 20140107-010425.jpg 20140107-010436.jpg 20140107-010444.jpg 20140107-010452.jpg 20140107-010503.jpg 20140107-010511.jpg Nom nom nom 20140107-010604.jpg 20140107-010611.jpg How I store mine 20140107-010659.jpg 20140107-010706.jpg

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