Snowy Candles


This little project cost me less than $5 to make + looks absolutely stunning in my living room. I made them in December of 2012 for Christmas. Little did I think that these babies could rock it out with my modern-style living room pieces.

Cheers to a new year full of God’s blessings, more DIY creativity, recipes galore, prosperity, health + longevity!

P.S. Buy everything on the list from your nearest dollar store. You’ll be thanking yourself later for doing so.


White school glue
1/4 cup water
3 small pillar candles, you choose your preferred color
1 bag of Epsom salt


1. in a Tupperware, mix your bottle of white glue + water to make a homemade mod podge
2. on a plate, pour about 1/4 cup of your mod podge
3. on another plate, pour some Epsom salt (I got lavender scented; it smelled for a few months–refreshing)
4. roll your candles in the mod podge quickly followed by rolling in the Epsom salt for a snow like effect
5. sit your candles down to dry overnight
6. once you wake up, place your candles wherever you desire: a candle dish, in a mason jar, on a candle holder, as a centerpiece, etc.

Enjoy your little DIY treat!


chefNia *


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