Holiday Potpourri Decor


Sorry this took so long to post. I was ranting + raving all month about what my holiday decor would look like. Here it is, finally, for you all to see. My masterpieces of all DIYs has come to be.


Rectangular plate
Large potpourri dish
Small bowl
1 bag of multi-sized pine cones
1 bag of silver/gold jingle bells
1 bag of spray painted silver/gold pine cones
3 bags of cinnamon sticks
White pilar candle


1. clean out your decor plates
2. open your bags of pine cones + jingle bells
3. mix all of them together
4. distribute potpourri evenly for all plates
5. place candle in the middle of the rectangle dish
6. VOILA! you have cute, simple, rustic decor.

More pictures of my rustic, holiday living room decor for you all to see. BUT, first, a picture of my tree–without a darn tree skirt because I couldn’t find a rustic one. Nonetheless, many hours of hard labor went into preparing this tree with love. Would be a shame not to share. Enjoy!







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