Creamy + Cheesy Chicken


Oops… I did it again ;)! Merry Christmas everyone!!


2 chicken breasts
1 tbsp garlic powder
10-13 sprays Bill Bragg’s amino acids
1 thick slice of semi-soft cheese of choice*
Olive oil


1. in a small pot, put some water to boil–no oil
2. when boiling, add your chicken breasts
3. boil for about 6 minutes
4. empty the pot of its water
5. place the chicken breasts in the food processor with the remaining ingredients
6. pulse a few times or just until its a bit shredded but not completely ground up either
7. transfer your Creamy + Cheesy Chicken to a small bowl
8. serve with rice, quinoa, spiralized veggies, or even mixed into a gluten free pasta or you can also make little quesadillas with corn tortillas…there are endless possibilities!!






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