Niannaise Tuna Salad


I am obsessed with Niannaise these days, as you can see. I want to put it on everything savory. Yum. Behold my new + improved take on the old “Tuna Salad”. It’s got a kick + a zest that’ll keep you wanting seconds. I may consider making some Niannaise in large quantities. Until the next blog post…


1 serving of “Niannaise”
Spray coconut oil
2 large eggs
1 (8 oz) pkg quinoa pasta elbows
Olive oil
Bill Bragg’s amino acids
1 can white albacore tuna


1. in a small pot, add a drizzle of olive oil + put some water to boil
2. on a large pan heated at about medium heat, spray some coconut oil + crack open your eggs
3. prepare a serving of Niannaise
4. your water should be boiling by now, add your pasta elbows
5. spray your eggs with a few sprays of aminos + scramble them
6. spray your aminos in the boiling pot of water
7. continue to boil for 10 minutes
8. remove from pasta from heat
9. lower the temperature of your eggs
10. drain your pasta elbows in a colander
11. transfer the pasta from the colander to a large Tupperware bowl
12. allow your pasta to cool
13. serve the scrambled eggs in a large bowl
14. mix the Niannaise into the eggs
15. add the tuna to egg Niannaise mixture
16. once your pasta is cooled, toss it in the Niannaise’d tuna/eggs
17. serve cold or even warm it up, just eat it!



It’s a Niannaise photo shoot!! Haha. I took pictures in different angles but nothing does this baby justice. Hopefully, I’ll perfect my food styling eventually.




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