Niannaise Pasta + Salmon Roll


Hey there my lovely ladies + gents. Before I get into all the specifics, I wanted to share that most grocery stores do carry the salmon filet stuffed with crab meat. It goes by the name “Salmon Roll”. Many times, you have to ask the butcher in the back if he has any because it’s pretty popular + runs out from the display glass. Asking the butcher, ensures even more freshness, so don’t fret.


1 serving of “Niannaise”
2 salmon roll filets
Spray coconut oil
1 (8 oz) pkg macaroni quinoa pasta
Olive oil
Bill Bragg’s amino acids


Fresh shredded Parmesan cheese


1. in a small pot, add a drizzle of olive oil + put some water to boil
2. on a large pan heated at about medium heat, spray some coconut oil + place your salmon rolls
3. prepare a serving of Niannaise
4. your water should be boiling by now, add your pasta elbows
5. spray your salmon rolls with a few sprays of aminos each + flip, in a couple minutes repeat to the opposite side
6. spray your aminos in the boiling pot of water
7. continue to boil for 10 minutes
8. remove from pasta from heat
9. lower the temperature of your salmon rolls to allow the juices to simply simmer
10. drain your pasta elbows in a colander
11. transfer the pasta from the colander to a large Tupperware bowl
12. allow your pasta to cool
13. serve each salmon roll in a large bowl
14. mix the Niannaise into the pasta
15. serve pasta as a side to the salmon roll
16. garnish the pasta with Parmesan



This is what the “Salmon Roll” looks like raw before being cooked.




This is a picture of the first time I made this dish (a few nights ago), with quinoa pasta elbows, the macaroni was much better.


These are shots I took of my plate the second time I made this dish (tonight), with macaroni quinoa pasta, this beat out the quinoa pasta elbows.




chefNia *


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