Italian Squash Noodles


This is by far my favorite Italian pasta I’ve made! So delicious + no heartburn afterwards from the acidity of canned or jarred tomato sauce. All natural ingredients to feed your body with the nutrients + minerals it needs. Did I mention it’s vegan? Yum!


For the sauce:
2 tbsp “Nia’s Italian Seasoning Mix”
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp walnut oil (or other oil of choice)
1 tbsp Bill Bragg’s amino acids

For the noodles:
1 large butternut squash, peeled, bulb removed + spiralized
Olive oil
1 heaping handful sun-dried tomatoes (not in oil)

Julienne peeler
Kitchen scissor


1. watch this video –> How to Spiralize Butternut Squash
2. in a large mixing bowl, whisk together your sauce ingredients until blended + set aside
3. now that you’ve made your sauce + watched that very informative video by the beautiful @Inspiralized, we can get to making noodles with your Spiralizer
4. cut the bottom bulb off the butternut squash + save it for the next recipe I have coming for you all
5. cut your remaining piece of squash in half
6. peel the skin off of both
7. prepare your Spiralizer + start making noodles!
8. cut your noodles with a kitchen scissor to make them a nice length
9. heat a large pot to medium heat
10. drizzle a bit of olive oil + sautée your noodles until wilted
11. toss the noodles in the sauce while still in the pot
12. add your sun-dried tomatoes
13. serve + eat slowly, this is the only way to enjoy this

Tastes better than pasta, people won’t believe the noodles are veggies!!




This my friends is what it looks like as next day leftovers for lunch, tasted even better. Can you believe that?! xo


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