Grilled Tilapia a la Butternut Squash



For the gravy reduction:
1 butternut squash bulb, peeled
Spray coconut oil
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp walnut oil (or other oil of choice)
1/2 tsp fajita seasoning
1/4 tsp rotisserie chicken seasoning

For the filet:
Spray coconut oil
4 tilapia filets
Bill Bragg’s amino acids

For the side:
24 mashed potato medallions*


1. preheat oven to 400 F
2. cut the bulb in half + scoop out the seeds
3. on a cookie sheet sprayed with coconut oil, place the two halves if squash face down
4. place in the oven for 30 minutes
5. in a large pan sprayed with coconut oil, place your filets
6. spray your aminos on each filet + flip
7. repeat the aminos to the other side + mash each filet
8. microwave your mashed potato medallions for 2-2.5 minutes
9. remove crumbled filets from heat
10. place a serving of tilapia each on a separate plate.
11. remove the butternut squash from the oven + let cool
12. place 6 medallions on each plate
13. once cooled, scoop out the inside of the squash + place in a food processor
14. add the remaining gravy reduction ingredients to the food processor except butter substitute + water
15. pulse until smooth
16. in a small pot, heat the butter for the butternut reduction
17. add the gravy + whisk well
18. add the water
19. bring to a boil + continue for 5-7 minutes
20. remove from heat
21. drizzle some gravy on the mashed potato medallions + on the side of the tilapia for dipping
22. dinner is served!



* I bought these at Trader Joe’s, see the picture below of the pkg.


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