Ornament Tree Branch


Yay for more DIY projects! Gotta loooove Christmas time as it brings out creativity in all of us.

I know this time of year is all about Jesus and through expressing our creative beings, we are able to show others His true love without using words. You know, this holiday isn’t just about Christmas gifts, parties, ornaments, or even decorating your home but about spending time with the ones that matter most, showing the love you have for each other through actions, and giving of His love to those who don’t know of it or have any of it.

The time I put into the holidays always has the same cheer in my heart: letting people know Jesus is the reason for the season!


large tree branch
ornament hangers
miniature ornaments
round nose pliers
small pinecones
hot glue gun
glue sticks

jingle bells


1. find a nice tree branch outside– mine has been on my porch window sill for about a year because I love to care for the air-plants attached to them

If you make this piece to be placed outside like I did, keep in mind that you can use a completely different color scheme than you do inside–this kicks the decor up a notch

2. clip a few ornaments and/or jingle bells to ornament hangers
3. using your pliers, wrap the ornament hanger around the branch and seal in place with hot glue
4. add some pinecones with hot glue in desired places
5. once you’ve added all your desired glitz + glam, you can place it on your window sill in or outside

AND, here is my son Bentley Mac peeking through the window while I set it down the first night I made it. He’s such a good boy, he always helps his mama.


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