Pinecone Tree Centerpiece


Many of you who follow me probably think that I am only good at cooking and styling food on a plate but that is far from the truth. I come with very creative and crafty genes. In fact, my blood actually contains glitter but the doctor asked my mom not to disclose it to me. Oops! Clearly, she told me and I plan to share my sparkle with you all, only if you let me!

For the holidays, along with every other season of the year, I love to create DIY activities for myself to re-purpose old/unused household items or even follow some off of Pinterest while adding my own chefNia * kick to it. Last year, I made several different DIY projects that I chose not to blog about because they were Christmas gifts for friends and family–the secret would have been all over the internet and that is not too smart. Since those DIY projects/gifts are all in the past, I thought I would share some of them with you all as well as show you the decorations I have come up with for my Christmas home decor theme for this year.

Before I share my theme, can some give me a drum roll please? * drum roll *

Winter Woodsy/Rustic Decor! My tree will also have added hints of the old-time classic Disney movie “Tim Burton’s: The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Before you assume it is a tacky idea, remember how woodsy and rustic the movie is and how it can be portrayed so lovely with some inexpensive and DIY home projects!! That being said let me clear any doubts in your mind, there will be no crazy purple, green, and orange decor on this tree. Moving right along.

Below will be listed the materials and instructions to make beautiful “Pinecone Tree Centerpieces” that can be used for much more than just dinner centerpieces. These can also be kept in storage year round for uses in any type of home decor you desire. Let’s get down and dirty, full of glue and burlap…okay fine, I’ll get you right to the point!


burlap ribbon
hot glue gun
glue sticks
large pinecone
ornament hangers
round nose pliers
small candle plate


1. cut about 7 inches of burlap ribbon
2. create folds in the ribbon by overlapping every 1/2 inch and seal the small flaps with hot glue
3. glue the two ends of the ribbon together, this will be the “tree skirt” part of the project
4. take your large pinecone, mine came with fake snow attached (Walmart) but yours doesn’t have toand about 2-4 ornament hangers to begin to ‘sew’ the tree skirt into the pine cone
5. wrap each ornament hanger around two or three of the pinecone’s scales tightly
6. insert the tips of the metal hangers into the burlap tree skirt in a way that the pinecone can rest comfortably
7. using your pliers, twist both ends together under the tree skirt so that it is secured through the burlap–do this with all of them
8. once your tree skirt is attached to your pinecone, add glue to the plate, as this is the “base” of your tree, and press on the bottom of the tree skirt–add more glue as deemed necessary
9. if your tree is stable, you have done a great job but if not, do not fret, just add more glue between the burlap and plate to reach the point where your pinecone is happily standing upright


10. cut just enough burlap to tie a small bow
11. using glue, attach your bow to the top of your pinecone

TA DA! Now you have a beautiful centerpiece to do as you please with. Enjoy your pinecone tree and should you have any questions, comment or write to me on Instagram.

Below are pictures of the two I made so far but I didn’t add any topper just yet to one of them. There may be more coming soon in different styles.




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