My failed project comes to life.

HEY! I forget to blog sometimes because I have so much going on. I am brewing something in the works but it is top secret. Soon, I will let you all know. Till then, I have other stuff to share!

Not sure if all you guys keep up with my Instagram, but if you do, you know I went to Naples this past weekend. I was so glad I did. I got to relax in relaxation nation. It is a dead town but I loved it. I would personally never live there but I will go back to vacation forevermore. I travelled throughout Bonita Springs + Bay, Estero, Fort Myers + the beaches, Barefoot Beach, Sanibel Island + Little Hickory Island. I need to feel that relaxed right now but that won’t be happening till I graduate the end of this month, ugh and that couldn’t get here soon enough.

Now that I reminisced on beautiful sunlight without the heat of yucky Miami, FL I can finally tell you what I actually wanted to say!

Do you remember this failed DIY project from last week? I am sure you do. How could you forget that horrible post that made me miserable to write?! I sure can’t.

Having brought up my trip and, now this horrid DIY fail, I can explain what the two have in common. Somehow the little bottle of evil lavender alcohol liquid got into my amenities pouch winding up inside my suitcase, more like a duffle bag for the gym because I didn’t pack too much. When I arrived at the best hotel ever in all of the Bonita Bay area, I began to unpack. I’m one of those that unpacks everything, hangs it, folds it + puts it all away neatly in a drawer, tabletop or crevice. As I did this, I organized my amenities in the bathroom and there it was, the failed DIY bottle was staring me in the face. I had no idea how, why, or when it even got in there.

Hours later…

I had the DIY fail sitting on the desk that was in the room. I hate glass tables, hence the tablecloth on my glass dining room table, had I known how many times my OCD self would clean it in just 24 hours, I wouldn’t have wanted it. As I replied to business emails with my laptop on this very desk, I realized there were arm, hand + fingerprints all over the glass tabletop placed on the desk. I looked at my failed DIY + back at the dirty table. I did this various times before the lightbulb in my head finally shut on saying, “Aha!”

I ran to the bathroom to get a small towel. I sprayed down the table, cleaned it, and almost cried at how beautifully clean it was. I started cleaning everything with it. I labelled it My Cleaning Product. In my mind, I kept thinking to myself how many things I could use this to clean. My car, my house, my kitchen, etc. I had to wait to get home to really put it to the test.

When I arrived home in the beginning of the week, I made sure to cook a really messy meal not caring for the mess. I used tomato sauce and let it splatter. Don’t judge me, it was an experiment + yes, I cleaned itkeep reading. I let this mess sit overnight. The next morning, I sprayed it down just as I would with one of my two favorite method cleaning products (menthe + pamplemousse) expecting the same end result as always–spray, wipe, spray again, let it sit, wipe, rinse rag under hot water, wipe, done.

Using one of my favorite blue cleaning rags, I wiped it all down–THE WHOLE KITCHEN. It was sparkling. I only sprayed once and only wiped once. I rinsed in order to clean other countertops because it was amazing but other than that, just spray, wipe, done.

I highly recommend this recipe to anyone that wants to make household cleaning products. This can even be made in bulk. I made it into a small bottle + it has lasted pretty well, especially after cleaning all that I do with it. The only thing I wouldn’t clean with this is the floor, just because I am picky.

Below I have typed the recipe again for you all that are reading this post interested in making a batch. Remember that the oil is only for fragrance in this sense. I, personally, believe that it helps cut the grease but it is not required. Lavender essential oil is also not the only oil that can be used. For lack of ideas on your part, I decided I’d give you some myself of what oils would blend beautifully with this recipe–these substitutions are listed in italics below the recipe*. ENJOY!!!!

Recipe for Nia’s Cleaning Product:

1 oz rubbing alcohol

0.5 oz water

1 tablespoon lavender 40/42 essential oil

1 teaspoon tea tree oil

* orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, chamomile, ylang ylang, peppermint, or even rose.

I love you guys so much. Thanks for reading my crazies.



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