First Lavender DIY–fail*

Okay everyone so I’ll admit that I was quite excited to start my little projects up and disappointed to have messed the first one up.

I was dying to make a pillow mist or room spray and thought that I could simply mess with some recipes, tweak them, and voila! WELL, it was not certainly so.

1 oz rubbing alcohol

0.5 oz water

1 tablespoon lavender 40/42 essential oil

1 teaspoon tea tree oil

NEVER EVER MAKE THIS! It will piss you off…
as you’ve wasted a useful tablespoon of lovely, fresh lavender goodness. I guess I should have just used water, but; I thought that after reading how rubbing alcohol mixed with essential oils can make it last longer that it would work.

Boy, was I wrong! This crap smells straight like alcohol and I don’t think anything is going to change that, I refuse to add more oil to it. I put all my ingredients away, came to my office, and decided I would write about it here. After this post, this is to never be spoken of again.

Now, I am off to finish my book “Real Simple Summer”. It will be out this Wednesday, July 31st. Make sure to get your copy downloadable as a PDF right here on my website OR on for Kindle. STOKED!

All my love,

chefNia *


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