Lime Juice Deodorant: Conclusion

This has been one of the easiest projects known to man. I don’t know why this isn’t publicly unheard of. They don’t even mention this in movies like “Hungry for a Change” or “Vegucated”, but they should. They talk about all these healthy things and lifestyle changes, blah blah blah. They never talk about switching out all your old cleaning products or amenities out for a more environmentally/human friendly items. How are we supposed to know that you can completely switch out these old products we love for other products we know and love from our very own refrigerator and kitchen pantry? They don’t expect us too! We are supposed to figure this out for ourselves. I guess I figured it out for me and for all those reading right now at the moment. Lime juice deodorant is by far more than a success but more like a dream come true.

When I started this project, all I did was go to my kitchen. I already had the supplies: one lime. Later, I got creative and added coconut oil along with some tea tree essential oils to spice up the ride.

I know I have ranted and raved about the properties of tea tree oil: antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial. Who would have known!? For properties of coconut oil, click here and for other medicinal uses of lime, click here.

I will miss writing about all these wonderful feelings I get with my new deodorant journey but I will continue to update you all as the journey continues. So far, I am on day 10 and still loving it. All I have used so far, no joke, is one lime squeezed of all it’s juice and saved in a small little tupperware and the occasional dab of coconut oil. For me, the use of tea tree oil is not completely essential but more optional. I love it and will continue to incorporate it into my natural deodorant product that is not in the making.

Once the juice of that one lime is completely used up, I will transition into a homemade deodorant using all natural products such as, but not limited to: coconut oil, lavender 40/42 oil, tea tree oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and even possibly some rosehip oil. The ingredients are not for sure but the plan to create this wonderful product sure is.

I will keep you all posted on my to-do’s with this new plan. I love you all and thank you for following my journey.

All my love,


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