Day 4 – Lime Juice Deodorant

Heyyy everyone. I am dead tired. I think I am finally going to snap my schedule into place. I have a job tomorrow at 8:30am so I gots to get myself to bed ASAP! I wanted to continue logging my deodorant project. It has been FANTASTIC! Read below.

Lime Juice Deodorant – 07.22.13

I haven’t been logging times so I will summarize what has been going on.

Remember that I hurt myself with baking soda and I asked you to laugh with me? Well, I still have a minor rash. It is minor but the lime juice has caused it to burn. I have not stopped using it but I have equally paired it with coconut oil to avoid the burning sensation when applied onto the rash area and to moisturize avoiding all sticky-icky feelings.

There has continued to be absolutely no smell.

At night time, I have continued to run and this does cause me to perspire. I do notice that as the days go by, I perspire less and less. I, also, think the coconut oil has somewhat contributed to not perspiring.

After my run, I shower and wash under my arms well. I, then, reapply before getting dressed. Before bed, I dab a little bit of 100% Pure Tea Tree oil on both underarms. This is antiseptic, cleansing, antimicrobial, healing, etc. It gives a strange cool feeling when first applied but it truly gets the job done every single time. I swear by this stuff!!

So far, so good everyone! I highly recommend to try this all out. Perhaps, allow me to see it through to the end and find what the best natural form of deodorant will be: lime juice, coconut oil, homemade concoction, or baking soda–nah, never that? I can try and be the judge of that; this will save you all quite some time as I pick and prod my way through to see what works and what doesn’t. I am my own guinea pig.


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