Free from Deodorant!! * freedom at last *

Yellow!! I have had a wonderful productive day so far and, truly, enjoy not having to think or worry about having to reapply yucky deodorant throughout the day.

To be completely honest, I really did love my Dove ‘Ultimate Visibly Smooth’. I was obsessed for years with the fragrance of ‘nature fresh’. OMG! Just to die for deodorant–or so I thought. They later took that scent off the market and I thought I would not make it without it.

This particular line of deodorant by Dove only made two scents. I never really liked the other one, ‘wild rose’, but I agreed to accustom to it because I swore that ‘Ultimate Visibly Smooth’ was the only thing that worked.

Not too long after this last event, I started noticing stores no longer carrying too much stock of my deodorant. I found a sale at CVS for the ‘wild rose’ scent at about 80 cents a piece. I cleared them out buying about 8-10 bottles.

As I worked through my bottles of deodorant, I realized it was really drying me out to do it’s job. My underarms were so hard to wash in the shower. I began using more deodorant than ever. I had already begun losing weight so it did not attribute to my obesity but to the mere fact that it is pure chemicals that I rubbed on religiously every morning, afternoon, and evening. Had I noticed this before, I may have considered natural/homemade/crunchy deodorant.

Now that I have been almost 5 days free of the bondage to Dove ‘Ultimate Visibly Smooth’ scented of wild rose fake-ness, I am the happiest little lady in the world!

Using lime juice to start off this crazy project was the best decision. I think that it showed me how nature was intended by God to be used for these very things that we complain about on a day to day basis such as the use for deodorant to remove, mask, or prevent BO and perspiration. Who knew that the juice of a lime and even a dab of natural coconut oil could do much more of a trick than Dove ever could?

I love you, Dove. I didn’t want to end it here but it sure has to. RIP to my relationship that I so cherished with ‘Ultimate Visibly Smooth’. Goodbye to you.

Hello, new life with natural deodorant. Hello, lavender 40/42 essential oil. And, HELLO, coconut oil! You all are here to stay.

All my love,

chefNia *


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