Sleeping Patterns–what do I do?

My sleeping patterns have been–excuse my French–pretty shitty lately. I cannot go to sleep at a regular time FOR THE LIFE OF ME! I am always up late doing homework, paperwork for the upcoming week, or just plain writing “Real Simple Summer”. I cannot get myself to want to lay in that bed anytime before 2am and it really is bugging the hell out of me.

I was talking to my sponsor the other day and she told me that her sleeping patterns are also terrible. She’s been vegan for 16+ years and I would think someone as healthy and fit as she is would sleep great but she doesn’t! This showed me sleep deprivation doesn’t really have to do with eating clean or fitness. It is related to everything within ourselves like our minds and emotions, etc.

I purchased 8 oz of lavender 40/42 essential oil online along with about 2 oz of rosehip oil. I am going to experiment a lot with my new lavender once it arrives.

Below are a bunch of things I will be trying out to naturally do away with my sleep deprivation (everything that seems like a product will be homemade and posted up with a recipe as I go making them):

– lavender pillow mist

– lavender foot scrub

– lavender applied to the temples of my head

– laying in bed earlier

– turning the light off before my eyes begin to close

– lavender room spray

– apply rosehip oil under my eyes

– rosehip facial moisturizer

– lavender coconut face mask

That is all I have done research on so far! I want to have an essential oil collection with different favorites of mine. So far I will have tea tree, lavender, rosehip, grapeseed, avocado, walnut, hazelnut, olive, coconut, sesame, and a just a tad of pistachio.

My wish list is as follows:

– Neroli *

– Jojoba

– Peppermint *

– Almond

– Apricot Kernel

– Carrot

– Chamomile

– Ylang Ylang

– Cinnamon

– Citronella

– Grapefruit *

– Lemon

– Orange

– Lime

– Patchouli

– Fir *

The ones with an asterisk are my I NEED NOW oils. LOL. I’m done for the day, bye!

All my love,

chefNia *


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