Day 3 of Lime Juice Deodorant

Laugh at me now or laugh at me later but you will be laughing at some point with this post! I don’t know what in the world got into me but I got to even more experimenting. Boy, did I laugh at myself! This was after I almost cried out of frustration. Let’s just get right onto the point of how my day went yesterday.

Lime Juice Deodorant – 07.21.13

1pm – Woke up and drank my hot lemon water, mmmm.

1:30pm – Finally made breakfast and took a whiff of the magic pitts! They smelled didn’t smell like anything. To me, this was more than a good sign! This was a complete miraculous event. The fact that lime can make my pits not smell is like HEAVENLY. Moving on…

2pm – Took a long warm shower making up for not showering yesterday. I have been cleaning my underarms with Nivea ‘Water of Lilly’ shower through this journey. I bathe my whole body with Dove ‘Deep Moisture’, I have been using this for the last 2 or 3 years. I like to keep things the same and create routines out of everything. Knowing that my pits would already be changing, I switched my pits to their own soap. Whoopie! This, not only smells amazing but, leaves my pits nice and soft. Being the idiot that I can be sometimes, I shaved the little bit of stubble from under my arms. I did a round of 8 sessions for laser hair removal in the following sections: full Brazilian, underarms, and upper lip. The success was incredible but due to my hormonal imbalance with PCOS (I will explain later) the hair sometimes grows.

3pm – ANYWAY, I let my pits air-dry for about 15 minutes after my shower. Then, I went ahead to put on my lime the same way I have been doing. Using two cotton squares back to back, I dipped one end about 1/4 of the way into the juice tupperware from the fridge, squeezed it and folded it back onto the dry part of the squares. I used this to rub on both underarms, well. This BURNED the heebie-jeebies out of me! No heebs or jeebs left. I had read about coconut oil and other things to moisturize so I went ahead to experiment. I dabbed the tip of my index finger lightly into a tub of room temperature coconut oil, used it to rub on one underarm, then I repeated for the other. This was serious relief!

4pm – Checked again, smelled fine just had a little bit of moisture but it was mostly from the coconut oil.

6pm – Doing great and holding up except, for the first time in three days, it smelled a little funny. Funny not meaning bad or even being remotely close to the typical smell of BO but funny like a smell I have never smelled before and it was too light to even describe. Maybe my body is changing due to not using regular deodorant? We’ll see. Other than this, I am still a happy lime deo camper!

7pm – Pit check! Didn’t smell funny but smelled a bit sweet. Coconut oil, perhaps?

9-11pm – Holding up beautifully.

12pm – Decided to go for a quick run. Checked my pits first, fine and dry.

12:30pm – Sweaty and gross. My armpits were literally sweating buckets! This never used to happen with regular deodorant but I guess this is all the stuff that my underarm sweat glands have been holding back! That sucks though. I don’t like using a product that stops my body from a completely natural process like sweating. I am happy on this journey to a cleaner and healthier me, even if it means changing every single product I use. The funny smell was back but it wasn’t like BO. I cannot describe how it smelled. It was a bit sweet and a tad like musk. Actual musk oil like the one from Kiehl’s that my cousin, Lala, and I are obsessed with! (her more than me) This was interesting but not bad at all.

1am – Took a nice shower and washed my underarms with my Nivea stuff.

1:15am – Having sweat as much as I did, I wanted to prevent that much more sweat during the recovery period after my run. Using two cotton squares back to back, I dipped one end about 1/4 of the way into the juice, squeezed it and folded it back onto the dry part of the squares. I used this to rub on both underarms, well. This is the same thing I have been doing but I tweaked it just a bit. Using three fingers, I dabbed on some baking soda directly onto my armpit and I rubbed a little. I did this to both. This began to burn, I mean BURN. (insert laugh here) I thought I could just run some coconut oil and make it go away. I did just so using the same three fingers, after being washed of course, and (continue laughing please) it began to almost like bubble up from the irritation. I left it this way so I could stop crying and laughing at the same time.

2am – Washed underarms off with my Nivea stuff to get the mixture that I created off of my pits. (feel free to laugh again)

2:15am – I slabbed on some Neosporin alone on my armpits as they had a red rash all over them (will post pictures of what they look like now, shortly).

3am – Still irritated and hating life. LOL, I just want to be more natural!

3:30am – Pain faded and I was in a better mood.

4am – Fell asleep.


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