Day 2 of Lime Juice Deodorant

I did not get to post my update last night about my Saturday deodorant festivities but HERE I AM! Very busy day yesterday doing nothing but :] I even forgot to shower, don’t judge me! I just showered now when I woke up so I am clean and in the clear. Below I have added my mini-diary of my lime juice deodorant project. Here we go!

Lime Juice Deodorant – 07.20.13

9:45am – Woke up, realized I was REALLY late for bible study and decided not to go. First time ever that I miss because of pure laziness. Only other times have missed my “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore bible study has been because I went out of town for work and the like. Either way, I did get to sleep well and was extremely concerned for body odor the second I opened my eyes!

10am – Finally, I pulled myself out of bed to prep for my day and drink my delicious hot lemon water. I took a great whiff of my underarms expecting a foul odor because I basically don’t believe lime can really do what they say it’ll do for me BUT I was wrong again! It didn’t smell like lime but it did not smell AT ALL! I was a happy camper.

12pm – Curiosity killed the cat. I sniffed again and I was still in the clear.

2pm – Had a “House of Cards” marathon on my couch with Bentley, my gorgeous 6 mo old Weimaraner, the remote, and a water bottle. This makes for a happy me! Thank you, Netflix–you are my true love.

5pm – Ate something. Checked again, smelling great.

7pm – I planned on showering at this moment but sat down for another episode of “Desperate Housewives”. I have one episode left after the one I watched and I am dreading the end. Don’t tell me what happens, I am not ready to know! Instead of my shower, I started to doubt the process AGAIN. Using two cotton squares back to back, I dipped one end about 1/4 of the way into the juice tupperware from the fridge, squeezed it and folded it back onto the dry part of the squares. I used this to rub on both underarms, well.

8pm – I realized this time I was a bit sticky and it was uncomfortable but not so bad I couldn’t deal. It smelled sweet, not like like and definitely not a sign of BO (body odor) to be found.

9pm – Planned last minute to go watch “Monsters University” after being in pajamas for my long, busy Netflix-marathon day. (This is where I forgot to shower because I smelled so damn good, STILL). Oh, and no more sticky pits by this time!

10pm – Went to watch movie.

12pm – Got home, still smelled good.

2am – Put “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” into the DVD player to go to bed. Took one last whiff, did not smell. Off to bed!

I will post the diary of today’s lovely lime deodorant project progress right before bed, I think that’s the best way to recap it all.

All my love,

chefNia *

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