Day 1 of Lime Juice Deodorant

Yesterday evening, I made a decision to start using lime as deodorant. I know, I know! I’m crazy to try this and believe it will work but I’m willing to try anything natural that will do better than man-made products.

Lime Juice Deodorant – 07.19.13

8pm – Took a warm lavender oil bath with Epsom salt.

10pm – Went back to the shower to scrub my pits well one more time.

10:15pm – Cut lime in half and, using a lime squeezer, juiced it into a small tupperware. Using two cotton squares back to back, I dipped one end about 1/4 of the way into the juice, squeezed it and folded it back onto the dry part of the squares. I used this to rub on both underarms, well.

10:20pm – Let it dry well.

10:30pm – Put on PJ’s.

11pm – Watched an episode of Desperate Housewives (last season; ahhhh) šŸ˜‰

12pm – Checked pits for sweat and odor: in the clear!!

2am – Went to bed, checked again: still holding up! You know how regular deodorant leaves you dry and without even the slightest bit of moisture (in a bad way)?? WELL, I noticed the smoothness of my underarms and I was in HEAVEN. It had only been a few hours since reapplied and it still lasted–or is lasting. Did not smell like limes but it just DID NOT SMELL! Pure awesomeness.

More details on today’s entry later tonight after I’ve showered. So far, so good!!!

All my love,

chefNia *


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