Hey everyone. Between my last semester in school, THANK GOD, work, and running my business, I feel I have had no time for anything. In fact, I actually have advanced in the book writing and should be finished before the end of the month but I am slacking on blogging. My sincerest apologies to you, all my dear readers.

I have to be honest, sometimes I just want to run away, lay on an island with my laptop writing away everything on my mind, and have a glass of bittersweet wine.

Since I have to live life and cannot just up and leave, I will proceed in writing “Real Simple Summer” in the hopes that it will be out before July 31, 2013.

Pray for me, guys. I really want to finish it on time and have tons to do in between. I may be going away again on conference this weekend for BACES Central. Check it out, it’s a free weekend of workshops by all Deaf actors, comedians, entertainers, and presenters. It’s going to be a blast but it is solely dependent upon my book writing progress during the week. I will be SO happy if I get to go but we’ll see, I am playing it by year.

Regardless, I am going away again the first weekend of August. I have been travelling an awful lot lately but I need to get in as much professional development possible. Not only that, I need to get my rest, relax, and see the world. It is never too early to start but it can become too late, if I allow it. Sooooo, I refuse to let the months go by without leaving my life in Miami for another short time adventure. Enough venting…


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