Real Simple Summer by chefNia *

Hello everyone!

I am STOKED to let you all know that I am in the process of writing my first cookbook. I have been a writer since birth, or so I think. If I had paper and pencil in the womb, you better believe I left great stories to tell. ;]

I am one that wants to document everything and, so as I have embarked on this grand journey of weight loss, health, and change, I have documented almost every single recipe from the back of receipts to Post-it notes to random papers that are laying around. This is my time to share it not to shine.

Most people write books because they want to be known, but not me; I just want to share the wealth of knowledge that I have about good health and longevity. I will continue to post recipes that I want you to have immediately because they are too good to pass up but I will be saving the ultimate best for my book release.

I don’t have an actual release date but I am writing the book currently so I am still trying to estimate time. I hope to have a release update up on the blog SOON.

Thank you all for your endless support.

Much love,

chefNia *

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