Prep: Hot Lemon Water

Hot Lemon Water

This is basically my coffee every morning.

8 oz water
juice of a lemon

cayenne pepper
ground cinnamon

1. juice your lemon by squeezing, pressing, or churning through a juicer
2. heat your water
3. mix water and lemon together
4. pour into a mug or mason jar
5. add cayenne or cinnamon*
6. drink up!

The benefits are as follows:
– aids digestion
– cleanses body
– boosts immune system
– balances pH levels
– clears skin
– energizes you
– enhances mood
– promotes healing
– freshens breath
– hydrates lymph system
– assists weight loss

* I don’t personally add any of these but many do like to do so.

Cayenne Pepper:
– anti-irritant
– anti-cancer
– anti-fungal
– anti-allergen
– anti-bacterial
– anti-inflammatory
– fights against cold
– contains anti-flu agent
– migraine relief
– headache prevention
– digestive aid
– helps produce saliva
– useful for blood clots
– detox support
– joint pain reliever
– improves heart health
– remedy for toothache
– topical analgesic properties
– supports weight loss
– promotes overall good health

– regulates blood sugar
– reduces LDL cholesterol levels
– effective against ulcer causing bacteria
– alleviates arthritis pain
– diminish proliferation of cancer cells
– natural food preservative
– high in fiber, calcium, iron, manganese
– decrease in menstrual pain
– assistance for infertility
– prevents neurodegenerative diseases
– works well in sweet as well as savory dishes


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