Sugarplum Waffles

Plum Glaze Waffles

This is an adaptation of my GF Pancakes made into crispy, delicious mini waffles.

Follow the recipe exactly for the link provided above. Simply add 1/4 cup more water or milk to the pancake mix.

1/4 cup water
2 ripe plums, diced
1 tbsp raw agave nectar

1. if you have a waffle iron/maker, turn it on now
2. if you have a waffle pan/griddle, turn the heat up to about medium-high
3. spray your pan or iron with coconut oil
4. fill the waffle molds with the liquid mix
5. monitor the waffles
6. if you are using a pan, flip them when deemed necessary and if you are using an iron, just keep the top shut
7. in another pan sprayed with coconut oil, add your plums
8. sauté them at medium heat for 3-4 minutes
9. add the agave
10. when this thickens, add the water and cover
11. back to the waffles: remove your waffles at this time and repeat steps 3-6 till the mix is gone
12. back to the plum glaze: it should be nice and thick now so turn the heat down
13. serve your waffles
14. top your waffles with plum glaze and a little bit of Nia syrup

2-4 (depending on how many minis each eat)


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