Cold-Cut Wraps

Cold-Cut Wraps

12 rice paper sheets
1/2 lb swiss cheese
1/2 lb oven roasted turkey

1 pack of mini pepperoni

1. follow this tutorial to learn how to roll up rice paper
2. separate your slices of turkey, pepperoni, and swiss
3. use 3 slices of turkey to place horizontally in the center of the rice paper
4. top with 2 slices of swiss
5. if desired, add about 5-6 mini pepperonis
6. roll up as instructed by the summer roll tutorial
7. wrap each individual roll in Saran wrap
8. place all summer rolls in a plastic bag for easy on the go grabs
9. these are great for on the go and specially for a road-trip, flight, or any kind of trip where healthy food is not readily available


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