Hawaiian Pizza Tacos

Hawaiian Pizza Tacos

Hawaiian Pizza

Pizza Filling
handful of chives
1 cup ham, cubed
6 corn flour tortillas
1 cup fresh pineapple, diced
2 oz fresh mozzarella, pre-sliced
3 tbsp chive cream cheese, whipped

spray coconut oil
a few sprays of Bill Bragg’s amino acids
fresh head of lettuce to make lettuce wraps

1. spray pan with oil
2. sauté ham and spray a few times with aminos
3. add pineapple
4. turn heat up to almost on high–until beginning to brown
5. add half of the chives
6. add the cream cheese
7. when that melts, add the mozzarella
8. when it has a good consistency, serve
9. set aside

spray coconut oil
8-10 corn flour tortillas
Bill Bragg’s amino acids

1. use pan from when you made the pizza filling
2. spray lightly with oil
3. spray each side of tortilla with aminos
4. flip till each side is toasted
5. serve all on a plate
6. set the table



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