New Pages

I have finally added all the blogs I follow and posted it on it’s own page. It is titled ‘Blogs’ so that it is easy to find. Eventually, I would like to start a page with more detail on the products that I love to use in the kitchen. That will take more time as I don’t always have my fridge and pantry stocked with every product I love. Hold me up to that if I do not post it soon enough!

I don’t think I have shared this anywhere but I am a Sign Language Interpreter. I have a pretty fun and extravagant job. I also own a business or an interpreting agency, rather, and I get called at any time to go work. Most times, I will send someone out. Today, I got a call to interpret a wedding last minute. The wedding is tonight and I have never done one before. I quickly told the company, “YES!” Therefore, tonight I will be eating dinner there–as they are providing me the meal.

I am planning on coming up with a spontaneous lunch and getting that posted right away. My goal right now is to post my first recipe before tonight’s big event. I did not want to get carried away by hurrying and posting all the recipes I have written down in a book so far. I wanted to update the blog with them but not in a careless manner. I may want to retake pictures, too. I only plan on doing so if I feel the pictures from those meals on my Instagram won’t do the meal justice.

Enough rambling for now,


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