Corn Eggless Hash

Corn Eggless Hash

1 cup kernel corn
1 cup cubed ham
1 oz ground chicken
6-10 corn flour tortillas
1 tbsp Salmon cream cheese*
1 tbsp Italian herb cooking creme*

1 tsp Sriracha
spray coconut oil
a few sprays Bill Bragg’s amino acids (this is my sodium replacement–found in your local Whole Foods or fresh/farmer’s market)

1. lightly spray your pan with the coconut oil (or baste it with whatever oil you’d like)
2. add your ham to sauté in the little bit of oil
3. as it cooks, add your Bill Bragg’s
4. add the corn once ham is browned
5. add the cream cheese and cooking creme–lower heat at this time to about medium-low
6. now, add the ground chicken
7. serve the hash in a plate
8. on the same pan, toast the corn flour tortillas till they brown a bit–sometimes I will spray them with Bill Bragg’s before toasting them for a little added color.
9. serve and top with Sriracha.

about 3-4 people for breakfast

* both products are by Philadelphia–I recommend their ‘Whipped’ style for their cream cheese but either will do.

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