Dijon Maple Chicken Stacker

Dijon Maple Chicken Stacker

4 chicken breasts
1 bag fresh baby spinach
8-10 slices fresh mozzarella*
2 tbsp sugar free maple syrup*
1 roll sun-dried tomato polenta
2 tbsp spicy brown dijon mustard*

spray coconut oil
a few sprays Bill Bragg’s amino acids (this is my sodium replacement–found in your local Whole Foods or fresh/farmer’s market)

1. preheat oven to 350° F
2. slice your polenta into thin rounds as well as your mozzarella (I buy mine pre-sliced)
3. cut chicken breasts down to fit perfectly above the polenta and mozzarella–about 2 3/4 of an inch
4. spray pan with coconut oil
5. sauté chicken in about a dozen sprays of Bill Bragg’s–medium high heat
6. once tender and a tad browned, add your mustard along with maple syrup–bring down heat to medium
7. as the sauce boils and is absorbed by the chicken, pull out a smaller pan
8. spray small pan and sauté your sliced polenta on medium heat until the color is more opaque*
9. when sauce is completely absorbed, remove from pan
10. spray your cookie sheet with coconut oil, time to begin stacking!
11. place a slice of polenta, add your round of mozzarella, and top with your dijon maple chicken
12. heat in the oven for 15 minutes
13. serve with a side of baby spinach

about 4-5 people for dinner

* BelGioso pre-sliced mozzarella–what a time saver!

* Cary’s sugar free maple (yellow top)

* Winn-Dixie’s spicy brown mustard is the best!

* this step may be skipped if you would rather microwave the polenta–either way you will achieve the same results.


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